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Womens Fitness Equipment, Circuit Training Equipment for WomenWomen appreciate the aesthetics of Fit Express equipment and the ability to choose many frame and upholstery colors. Logo design and embroidery can also be incorporated. FIT (Fluid Interval Training) machines require no biomechanical adjustments, because of the fluid resistance and bidirectional movements, making it easy to use and simple to learn. When used as a circuit workout it allows for socialization which also appeals to women.

Key Benefits:

1: Choose from many frame and upholstery colors
2: Your company logo design and embroidery can be incorporated
3: No bio-mechanical adjustments – easy to use and simple to learn
4: Great for circuit training workouts and socialising
5: Elegant and appealing sculptured frame design
6: Save tens of thousands in francise fees and royalty fees compared to Curves

Gym equipment, exercise equipment, women exercise equipment

Best warranty in the industry Using Hydraulic Fitness Equipment in Your Women’s Gym:

Conventional exercise and health clubs are intimidating to women, and exercising alone doesn’t provide the social support women want to keep them engaged. Some diet centers teach sensible eating habits but lack a convenient, structured exercise program that women like. The solution is a women’s Lifestyle Fitness Center with high quality Fit Express hydraulic fitness equipment!

The FIT Fluid Interval Circuit Training program is an exercise program developed by Fit Express that can be used with our hydraulic fitness equipment. Women are flocking to this type of circuit training program due to its simplicity, easy learning curve, and adaptive resistance. In addition, as a supplement to help owners of women’s gyms we’ve also created the FitExpress® Independent Operator Turn-Key Circuit Gym Package. Or for additional information you can click here to download the FIT for Women brochure.

Keep in mind our training program and turn-key package are just optional supplements we’ve provided as a courtesy to you. You can buy our innovative and industry-leading hydraulic fitness equipment DIRECT and use it in your gym however you like!Contact us now to learn more!Customer Testimonials

“Hi, I’m Linda Ferris and I’ve been coming to the FIT classes for a long time. It’s the only thing I’ve ever done that has brought me back consistently because it’s fun. I just like working on the machines. They’re easy to work. You can get a good workout. You can get an easy workout or you make yourself really work, but they’re just plain fun.”

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