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Seniors Gym Exercise Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Exercise Equipment for Seniors

When considering exercise equipment for seniors, safety is of extreme importance since many seniors have pre-existing conditions. Our natural fluid resistance is so smooth it’s the safest type of exercise to do and easiest on joints. (Including non-exercise equipment activities like swimming!)

FIT™ can be likened to swimming in most respects with the added bonus of being able to stabilize joints and have better muscle control. In addition, not having to wear revealing clothing helps remove another exercise barrier.

The absence of eccentric loads nearly eliminates DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which is a deterrent to most older adults. This makes FitExpress’ fluid machines perfect forseniors exercise equipment.FIT for BOOMERS™ is an exercise program designed by Fit Express specifically for Seniors.

The equipment is the same and the workout is very similar, just the focus is geared towards a shorter, less-intense, total body workout 2-3 times a week. The website provides detailed information on how the equipment and the workout can be used in conjunction to meet the requirements needed by a safe and enjoyable senior exercise program that will improve the overall health benefits of its participants.Exercise Equipment, GYM EQUIPMENT, women exercise equipment, Hydraulic Exercise Equipment

The site goes into detail covering various aspects including the science behind the equipment itself, the actual workout structure, as well as the follow-through and implementation of the workout.

Benefits range everywhere from strength building and cardiovascular to prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Baby boomers and seniors love the workout and equipment itself because of the fluid motion (unlike traditional weight lifting machines, treadmills, or free weights).

Providing unparalleled safety, comfort, social connectivity, and exercise versatility. Gentle, yet as challenging as one wants to make it, the FIT™ program provides cardio and strength benefits in a remarkably time efficient solution. For more detailed information visit www.FitForBoomers.comKey Benefits:Great Locations for Exercise Equipment for Seniors:

Fitness Centers and Gyms

1: Senior Centers
2: Active Adult and Retirement Communities
3: Independent Living and Assisted Living Facilities
4: Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Facilities
5: Parks and Recreation

Hotels and Condo’s Why Use Fluid Resistance for Seniors Exercise Equipment?

1.) Addresses Seniors’ Health Concerns

As people age their quality of life may begin to diminish. This can be slowed and in many cases reversed through proper nutrition and regular exercise. Relieving stress, monitoring health and preventing disease are areas of much concern for senior citizens. They understand the importance of improving their lifestyle, but in many cases their options are limited. In a 2005 poll by USAToday/ABC aging adults said that losing their health was the top concern (73%). This was above losing the ability to take care of oneself at 70%, losing mental abilities at 69%, and running out of money at 60%.2.) Accommodates Seniors’ Exercise Equipment Concerns —

Conventional exercise is unappealing to the senior citizen fitness market. They want to maintain strength, but traditional strength exercise can be tough on joints, especially for those experiencing arthritis. There is also the risk of injury with any system using an eccentric phase to the movement, common with conventional strength exercise. Soreness is also an initial side effect of using conventional equipment at a senior fitness center. Our hydraulic exercise equipment is fluid-based and has no eccentric phase so it is extremely easy on joints and greatly reduces soreness. The solution is to incorporate your senior’s facility with high quality Fit Express hydraulic exercise equipment! Accommodates Senior Quality-of-Life Concerns —

An additional reason you should use hydraulic exercise equipment in your senior-targeted facility is that it can easily be incorporated in accommodating another need that seniors have—social interaction. Seniors find cardio training boring because it leaves out any opportunity for interaction which is important for many who have little of this in their lives. Aerobic classes provide a group atmosphere, but cannot accommodate various fitness levels effectively nor do they allow for interaction.

The Fit Express hydraulic senior exercise equipment system removes all the common barriers to exercise and sets the stage for a positive exercise experience. This non-impact, simple circuit training provides a total body cardio and strength routine that accommodates any senior exercise fitness level. Its interactive capability makes it very appealing to seniors.

Using Hydraulic Fitness Equipment in Your Facility

FIT for BOOMERS™ is a complete exercise program developed by Fit Express. Everything is included to accomodate the senior’s exercise program—from the science behind the equipment itself to the follow through and implementation of the Fluid Interval Training workout. Baby boomers and seniors love it because of the unparalleled safety, comfort, social connectivity, and exercise versatility. Gentle, yet as challenging as one wants to make it, the FIT™ program provides cardio and strength benefits in a remarkably time efficient solution.

Keep in mind our training program and turn-key package are just optional supplements we’ve provided as a courtesy to you. You can buy our innovative and industry-leading hydraulic exercise equipment DIRECT and use it in your gym or facility however you like!

Contact us now to learn more!

Customer Testimonials

“I’m 81 years of age and during the last five years I’ve been exercising with the fluid machines and I find them to help me tremendously. I have been detected as having Parkinson’s Disease and I have indicated to the doctors and others that have an early-formed disease that the exercises that I am attending to three times a week cause me to have greater balance, cause me to have greater strength. At one time I was considered  to be one of the great fallers in our community because I would fall so often. Today, with my continuing attendance I find that all of that has been relieved and I attribute to the machines and the exercise that I’m involved in every week. Thank you.”

Harry Layne

“I have been in this class for about a year. Prior to starting I had trouble with, you know, when you hit the big 7-0 you have trouble with arthritis and my blood pressure was high. When I first started, I was on Predizone, about 20 milligrams of Predizone. After exercising for six or eight weeks, I got it down. I’m presently on 2.5 milligrams… I’ve cut that way down. My blood pressure dosage I cut in half, so I’m happy with the class. I guess the other thing, too, is…what a wonderful way of starting a  morning… exercising… you feel great. So, I enjoy it. Thank you.”(Question: Tell me about the machines and the water.

“These are machines are a lot different from the other. Well, I’m a mechanical engineer, number one, I guess, so I appreciate the fluid motion of these machines and the sounds. And the fluid motion meaning it’s mechanical but it’s fluid drive… you’ve got that fluid drive… it’s smooth and easy. You don’t have a  bump; it’s just very smooth. Of course the sound goes with it, too. The water rushing… so it’s enjoyable.”

Carl Gottfried

“I’m Sandy Portwood, and I’m one of the people who have been doing this for quite some time…started about 16 years ago. I find the fluid interval training very beneficial to all of your joints. They don’t seem to wear down or be a lot of trauma. Also, I find the exercise benefit to really be a positive for me, and a great anti-depressant on top of keeping you fit and really in good shape for someone my age. Thank you.”

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