Senior Citizen Exercise Machines and Fitness Clubs

Senior Citizen Exercise Machines and Fitness Clubs Circuit Training Equipment

With our senior citizen exercise machines in your fitness clubs, you can have circuit training equipment for your seniors health centers.

Fit Express has developed a line of hydraulic fitness equipment used in circuit training for the fast growing senior citizen fitness market. Specially engineered for seniors and older adults with easy “walk up” seating. Our senior exercise equipment feature seats that are lower to the ground and better designed for comfort and support.

Baby boomers, people 50 and over represent a huge and fast growing segment of our population. For the next 20 years someone will turn 50 every 8 seconds. The Fit Express hydraulic exercise equipment system has tremendous applications through circuit training for the needs of the senior fitness center market and therefore, provides a great opportunity for those interested in serving the health, wellness and senior exercise industry.

As people age their quality of life may begin to diminish. This can be slowed and in many cases reversed through proper nutrition and regular exercise. Relieving stress, monitoring health and preventing disease are areas of much concern for senior citizens. They understand the importance of improving their lifestyle, but in many cases their options are limited.Exercise Equipment, GYM EQUIPMENT, women exercise equipment, Hydraulic Exercise Equipment

Conventional exercise is unappealing to the senior citizen fitness market. They want to maintain strength, but traditional strength exercise can be tough on joints, especially for those experiencing arthritis. There is also the risk of injury with any system using an eccentric phase to the movement, common with conventional strength exercise. Soreness is also an initial side effect of using conventional equipment at a senior fitness center.

They find cardio training boring because it leaves out any opportunity for interaction which is important for many who have little of this in their lives. Aerobic classes provide a group atmosphere, but cannot accommodate various fitness levels effectively nor do they allow for interaction.

The Fit Express hydraulic senior exercise equipment system removes all the common barriers to exercise and sets the stage for a positive exercise experience. This non-impact, simple circuit training provides a total body cardio and strength routine that accommodates any senior exercise fitness level. Its interactive capability makes it very appealing to seniors.

If you are interested in opening your own senior fitness center to target this growing market, Fit Express can provide you with all the senior exercise equipment and business training that you will need to open a fitness club.

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