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Open Your Own Women’s Gym or Health Club for Women

Now You Can Open Your Own Women’s Gym or Health Club for Women

You can open your own women’s gym or health club for women with our ladies fitness center franchise business with no franchise fees!
Ladies fitness and weight loss centers offer one of the most exciting opportunities in business today!
We provide you with everything you need to open your own alternative to a womens Fitness Franchise. The hydraulic fitness equipment, the training on the equipment, the business training…everything! All with NO FRANCHISE FEES. We are not a ladies fitness franchise, but we are a viable alternative. And the best part? You put YOUR name on your womens fitness equipment and YOUR name on the sign outside.

Ladies workout and weight loss centers offer one of the most exciting womens fitness center opportunities in business today. More than ever women need a refuge from the stress they face daily; a place that fits into their already hectic lifestyle and provides the opportunity to do something positive for themselves. You can offer that refuge and be rewarded for it by owning a ladies fitness center, offering professional-grade hydraulic exercise equipment. Everyday women are learning more about the fact that diets don’t work and the importance of integrating movement into their lives. The question is where and how.
Conventional exercise and health clubs are intimidating and exercising alone doesn’t provide the group support women want.Exercise Equipment, GYM EQUIPMENT, women exercise equipment, Hydraulic Exercise Equipment

Changing the Image of Fitness!

Some diet centers teach sensible eating habits but lack a convenient, structured exercise program that women like. The solution is a womens Lifestyle Fitness Center with high quality Fit Express hydraulic fitness equipment! The success of this ladies fitness system is based on simple proven principles. We have integrated our highly successful 30 minute exercise system with a simple method of graduated changes in eating habits that works for each individual and puts you in control.

You Can be Your Own Boss…TIMING=SUCCESS
We all know the importance of timing and this opportunity could never be better. How many companies offer the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better and be rewarded at the same time? In some cases, return on investment can be as quickly as 90 days. Many people open multiple facilities when they see how easy and rewarding it is.NO SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED
The only requirement is caring about people and a desire and willingness to learn. If you seek financial independence and like working with people, we can do the rest. We provide you with all the tools and training required for success. Our associate trainers are the best in the industry. Systems have been specifically designed to meet our requirements and the needs of women.

Many people entering this business want the option to offer other services. Our private labeling of our womens fitness franchises, allow you the freedom to offer other amenities. Unlike other ladies fitness franchise opportunities, we will make recommendations based on our many years of experience in the industry, but you make the final decision on offering extras. You could look at our system as a personalized fitness club franchise without paying royalties.

Turn key investment for our packages are usually around 30K. Depending on how extensive a system and which amenities you choose, the cost can vary. Remember we are NOT a womens fitness franchise. You make the final decision of what to offer and how to personalize your ladies workout club.

You choose how much or how little support you want. It is at your discretion. Pay only for what you want and need. Similar to network marketing; you are in business on your own, but you are not alone. This is a menu driven method of operating fitness club! Our support assistance includes marketing campaigns, retraining, grand openings, and open house which are all covered in your initial trainings.
When you compare the standard fitness club franchise business opportunity to the Fit Express womens health club business opportunity, the choice is clear. Select the freedom, independence and investment opportunity that the Fit Express ladies workout system has to offer. Other womens fitness franchise offerings can’t compete.Buy Fitness Equipment.

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