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Hydraulic Equipments SHIPPING and WARRANTY

Hydraulic Exercise Equipment SHIPPING and WARRANTY information 30 plus countries

Fit Express is an experienced international shipper. Our circuits have been installed in hundreds of international locations in 30 plus countries. Our shipping costs are often less expensive than companies in your own region.

When you are considering the total cost of purchasing a circuit you should request a quote that is based on the “total landed costs” (cost of goods, shipping and handling, and taxes).

We have established relationships with the largest and most experienced international shipping firms and ensure our customers receive a hassle-free shipping experience.Our Customers Save Time and Money.

Specially designed custom packaging allow us to ship up to five machines per pallet, reducing the space we need on carriers.

Established shipping partners and routes and our volume allow us maximum discounts which are passed on to you.

Due to our manufacturing process we can normally ship your circuit within 3-4 weeks.

Secure international transaction policies ensure safe transfer of your payments from your bank to ours.

We handle all paperwork and assign a local freight broker in your area to walk you through the steps for clearing and receiving your fitness circuit.

A few things you should know about the shipping process:

Your shipment is insured by us and we are responsible for its safe arrival and transfer into your hands. Your liability does not begin until you sign the bill of lading.

All orders are photographed and catalogued under your customer ID at our plant just before it departs on the truck.

Orders can be shipped via Ocean Vessel or by Commercial Airline. Costs for each are very reasonable.

Ocean transit time usually range between 21-50 days (port to port). Add another 5 days on each side for inland trucking.

Air shipment transit times usually range between 7-10 days (Airport to Airport). Add another 5 days on each side for inland trucking.

Customers are allowed to arrange their own freight forwarder. If you choose this option your responsibility begins when we load the truck at our plant.

Customers are normally allowed to track their shipments online depending on what carrier we use.

Updates are consistently provided by our logistics director.

Your equipment is insured from defects. Once your circuit is setup and tested, if you find there are issues with any component we will expedite the shipment of any replacement part.

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Your shipment contains a detailed packing list. Order with Ease

To place an order with FitExpress® work directly with your sales rep. They will provide you with a freight quote upon your request directly from the freight company. Customers are allowed to arrange their own freight forwarder however the rates we receive are normally far better. Freight quotes are normally valid for 14 days depending on world events and fuel spikes. Freight quotes are rarely adjusted upward.Pre-Shipping Inspection

We will assemble your circuit in our plant before packing to ensure every component is working perfectly.

All parts are attached and checked.

Upholstery is checked for workmanship, fit, and finish.

All moving parts are tested.Best Warranty Terms AVAILABLE for Fitness Equipment

Your fitness equipment is covered by a non-transferable warranty. Please become familiar with the various warranty lengths on the different parts of your machines: All warranty lengths are from the date of the original ship date. The warranty covers workmanship and materials. FITEXPRESS® Is not liable for damage caused by misuse, neglect, or abuse. Prior authorization from FITEXPRESS® must be obtained before warranty work is done. FITEXPRESS® reserves the right to make changes and improvements to its equipment. Each machine will have a serial number label somewhere near the rear of the machine down near the back leg. RECORD THESE NUMBERS SOMEWHERE AND MATCH IT TO A SPECIFIC MACHINE. KEEP THIS ON FILE IN YOUR CLUB AND AT HOME. This is required information, If this is removed, your warranty is void/null. There are two machines that have parts that do not need to be adjusted or changed:

The ROTARY TORSO and the PEC FLY/REAR DELTOIDS. You may only adjust the lock collars that hold the cylinders on—any other tampering with the mechanisms on these machines will void your warranty.

ROTARY TORSO mechanism and gears / PEC FLY / REAR DELTOIDS CABLE MECHANISM Concerning the application of adding grease or oil to stop squeaking within the bearings and cylinders: In the Maintenance Manual, you will find detailed information on how to grease the bearings and apply 3 in 1 oil to the cylinders if they begin to squeak.


1: Frames 10 years
2: Upholstery 120 days
3: Cylinders LIFETIME
4: Hand Grips 30 days
5: Non Skid Tape 30 days
6: Pins 2 years
7: Lock Collars 2 yearsWith Your Order:
8: Submit your color choices for the seat covers.
9: Sign and fax your invoice.

Make arrangements to pay your deposit by wire transfer or one of our other payment methods. Balance is due no less than seven days from your ship date.

We are happy to accept credit card payments however the discount we offer may be affected.

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