Hydraulic Commercial Fitness Exercise Machines

Fit Express commercial fitness equipment hydraulic resistance exercise machines operate just like swimming. Resistance is provided by the machines in both directions when the user pushes and pulls the exercise arms. Most machines exercise opposing muscle groups on each side of the joint.

Choose commercial fitness equipment wisely.

Equipment choices can be confusing. Many options exist between cardiovascular machines and strength equipment.Getting optimum results requires strength and cardio training, but the time required to do both is prohibitive. Most women are too busy to spend 1-1 1/2 hours in a fitness center. Make sure the exercise combines both in a timely manner. Does it have resistance adjustments? This component allows different types of routines to be used, which provides variety in the workout. Varied resistance levels keeps people from becoming bored or reaching a plateau.

Fitness Equipment

Choose fitness equipment that doesn’t cause soreness. This keeps people coming back. People often quit exercising when they get sore. Machines like weights that have resistance during the stretching phase, which causes micro-trauma to the tissue and subsequent soreness. At least 48 hours is required for recovery. What makes them most effective is our program of easy to use formats and coaching techniques that makes exercise an instant success. The total system provides you with the most user friendly system of exercise on the market today. The end result is happy and successful members that stay longer and enthusiastically tell others about their experience.

Results happen quickly with HRT – Hydraulic Resistance Training – within a week members comment on how much their energy has improved and it isn’t long before they begin to fell stronger and see changes. The combination of cardio and strength training provided by the push/pull action allows this to happen faster than other exercise methods.

  • Fit Express has the best exercise machines on the market.Fit Express provides fitness equipment with the following features:
  • Frames are 11 Gauge 2″x3″-1 1/2″x1 1/2″, which is heavier for better stability, strength, & safety.
  • Oil Lite Bushings On All Moving Parts for smoother movement and more longevity.
  • Dual Adjustable Single Action Cylinders. Independent adjustments for opposing muscle strength curves results in greater durability and variable training formats improve retention & results.
  • Seats are double stitched & zippered upholstery with high-density foam
  • Lower Seats make it easy to enter and exit for greater safety and quicker station changes.
  • Foot Support Platform for improved bio mechanics, better safety and support for improved work-out.

Conventional weight & cardio exercise

Though they are time consuming and unappealing to most people. They prefer group exercise but conventional methods can’t accommodate varied fitness levels. Hydraulic resistance training can be done alone or in a group for a fun workout that is quick & never boring. The adaptability of our exercise machines assures that everyone gets the best workout every time regardless of health or skill level…no more remembering machine settings.Hydraulic resistance training offers incredible results without the soreness associated with other methods. That is because muscles always experience resistance during contraction, not during the stretching phase.

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