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Strengthen All the Various Muscle Groups Offering Fast Results

To provide high quality Fluid Resistance Exercise PACE Exercise Mission Statement equipment, training, and support in the promotion of Fluid Resistance Exercise. The purpose of this writing is to provide the reader insight into the origin of our company and the principals by which we operate.

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Fit Express evolved after years of research into the benefits of exercise particularly for inactive people. Ultimately, we focused on an unconventional exercise system that is probably the most misunderstood in the industry yet is arguable the most effective. “Fluid Resistance Exercise”, the method in question, operates on the principal of fluid dynamics like swimming, and is not dependent on gravity like weighted systems are.

Our goal was to create a series of machines that strengthen all the various muscle groups while providing cardiovascular benefits as well. In addition, a program would be devised to make exercise as quick, simple, and fun as possible while offering fast results.

To prove the theory that inactive people would exercise if their concerns were met, it was decided to open a small fitness center using only the Fluid system placed in a circuit format. We did this in 1994 with some used equipment and the success led to the development of a completely new line of equipment and accompanying support materials which have now been placed in over 100 facilities around the country.

The unique design and function of the Fit Express equipment was divinely inspired after much reflection into consumer needs. The result is the most user friendly equipment on the market. It is also the best value due in part to a unique rocker system enabling us to use durable single action cylinders and offer an outstanding warranty.

The research club had also demonstrated key elements in producing long term success with group exercise in general and Fluid Circuit Training in specific. In short, proper programming was necessary. To accomplish this we contracted Kevin Cavaretta, a personal trainer and master trainer in the use of Fluid Resistance Training. The result is a comprehensive training program including multiple training formats.

Most conventional clubs have been slow to discover the benefits of this training method. Conversely, there has been a hugh demand from small ladies only start up clubs especially in small towns and city suburbs. With that in mind we included business training with our offering.

Fluid Swing Conditioner

Because of our equipment’s unique ability to adapt to any fitness level it is well suited to various sports. We recently developed a revolutionary, patent pending, “Fluid Swing Conditioner” for golfers. Combined with other fluid machines and a program that utilizes the services of local golf pros we are able to train groups of golfers. This concept can be integrated with golf shops or in fitness centers and provides benefits for all involved.

At Fit Express we strongly believe that our success is totally dependent on the success of our customers. We are always seeking ways to understand consumer needs in order to improve our offering. We thank you for taking the time to look at our offering and hope that what you see will spark a desire to become part of our growing family.

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