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Advantages of SINGLE MACHINE for MULTIPLE MUSCLE GROUPS workout programs

Fit Express is producing the most Innovative and Effective Exercise Equipment, research and workout guides for the 21st Century! Our exercise equipment let’s the USER be in Control. Since 1998, well over 4,000 facilities and 30 countries have chosen Fit Express exercise equipment because of the unique value it brings to their residents and facility members. Over the years we’ve developed over 9 different lines of exercise equipment—because we constantly improve our equipment—with each line building upon the feedback by customers of previous lines. We know that choosing exercise equipment for your facility is a big decision, and we want you to know that you can depend on Fit Express to always bring you the best in reliable and quality equipment.
Exercise Equipment, GYM EQUIPMENT, women exercise equipment

Innovation, Quality, Price and Support – it’s the only way we know how to run a company. We invite you to explore our website, our exercise equipment lines, research, and workout guides. We’re confident that you will see the enormous benefits and advantages of our equipment and workout program. As the industry leader in hydraulic exercise equipment we stand behind our equipment with a 100% satisfaction gurantee, an industry-leading warranty, free support, 0% interest financing options, and our own trademark hybrid workout! With Fit Express you only get the best.

Our hydraulic exercise equipment is elegant and functional, while being much safer, easier, and more efficient than free weights or conventional machines. What is hydraulic exercise equipment? Our dual-cylinder industry-grade hydraulics provide a natural fluid resistance that provides BOTH Fat-Shredding Cardio AND Muscle-Building Strength

Benefits in a SINGLE MACHINE for MULTIPLE MUSCLE GROUPS — without the drawbacks of conventional commercial weight machines or cardio equipment — Less Space, Lower Cost, Less Machines Needed, No Adjustments – 1 Size Fits All, Quick and Efficient! Then Add to That – Lower maintenance, minimal supervision, and the best warranty in the industry. Fit Express natural fluid resistance modules are truly user-friendly, age-friendly, and buyer-friendly!Our hydraulic exercise equipment is perfect for seniors!

Seniors Fitness equipment that is extremely Safe, Easy to use and the easy on joints. Better than dumbells and hard to use machines! Better joint stability, increased muscle control, and bone-strengthening resistance. Seniors love the fact that they don’t get sore using our equipment! This is because it’s based on forward-only movement.Our hydraulic exercise equipment is the best in the world! Womens gyms all over the world are using the Fit Express equipment with our signature FIT™ workout.

Just Compare us to Curves and see the difference! Offering a safe, easy, and fun way to shred fat and build muscle in less time. And there’s no mechanical adjustments necessary making it perfect for fast-paced circuit training, group fitness, or for individual use.Our specially-designed kids exercise equipment line is helping kids by making exercise fun! Complete line of smaller equipment designed specifically for preteens along with our FIT-4-Kids™ circuit workout for cardio and strength benefits. Our hydraulic resistance (no weights) is safer for children and won’t damage their growth plates.

Great for elementary schools, daycare, pre-schools, and rec. centers. Physical therapy, wellness centers, and other rehabilitation facilities can greatly benefit from our exercise equipment. Perfect for improving range of motion, musculature, and cardiovascular conditions. Safe and easy to use, easy on joints, requires minimal training and supervision. The absence of eccentric motion improves strength while within a limited ROM and nearly eliminates soreness speeding up recovery.

New circuit training exercise equipment?

We have the answer! Our hydraulic equipment circuit with our trademark FIT™ Fluid Interval Training workout is a user-friendly, age-friendly workout Better Than Circuit Training! Accommodates ALL fitness levels and will Shred Fat AND Build Muscle IN less time! We provide multiple FIT™ circuit training programs and you can even create your own!Less with the Old, In with the New! Why get another same old familiar machine? Get something New and Exciting for your members! Our professional-grade hydraulic commercial fitness equipment has supported three large fitness franchises in the U.S. with over 1500 sites. If you are now franchising or just want to populate your small facility we will work with you to create a custom branded FIT™ circuit.

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