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Exercise Equipment for ANYONE and EVERYONE Exercise Equipment so versatile it’s guaranteed to meet your needs!

BODYBUILDERS AND STRENGTH TRAINING enthusiasts often dislike doing cardio even though they understand the importance of it for their physique. The Fit Express hydraulic exercise equipment provides full cardiovascular benefits in a more fun and challenging way (as well as strength/athletic benefits) while not being boring like traditional stationary cardio equipment such as treadmills, cross-trainers, stationary bikes and other forms of boring, repetitive movements.

Equipment that resembles the standard resistance machines that fitness enthusiasts are already familiar with using.

Since the machines resemble common compound exercises it’s great for pre-weightlifting warm-ups and after workout cool-downs. In addition, the (2 muscle groups in one) feature helps to warm up the target muscle’s opposing muscles as well thus decreasing injuries and muscle imbalances and promoting more-effective and stronger workouts.

Great for doing muscle-specific cardio, so daily cardio sessions can match up typical workout routines focusing on certain muscle groups. For instance, on Chest training day, before jumping into heavy bench presses, one could warm up first with the chest press machine.

A more challenging, completely customizable form off cardio for cardio-only days and off-training days. In addition, this “bonus” resistance is a great way for them to do cardio while also giving the muscles a “fresh pump”.

Workout partners can go in order (each one station right behind the other) and do a certain number of repetitions and a certain setting. This makes for a great way to make cardio day fun, interactive, challenging, and competitive amongst friends.Exercise Equipment, GYM EQUIPMENT, women exercise equipment, Hydraulic Exercise Equipment

ATHLETES AND SPORTS TRAINERS looking for additional exercise workouts that are complementary to their non-linear sports-specific training can appreciate what our fitness equipment has to offer. Due to the unique design and functionality of the equipment it can offer cardiovascular and strength training benefits more closely resembling sport-like concentric progressions but in a completely safe, linear plane of motion.

Machines are based on the most common compound movements for sports and appropriately target concentric prime-mover strength.

Resistance difficulty is created by not only using higher settings but also by (pushing and/or pulling) either harder, faster, or both, allowing you to custom target the different types of energy systems — from strength, speed, endurance and freestyle fluidly between different combinations of each of them throughout your repetitions and entire workout.

As just one example, by setting the movement you want to train to 6 and the reverse portion to 1 and then going as fast as you can, you can effectively train speed-strength of prime movers while dramatically reducing your reaction time. By eliminating your body’s natural inhibition to slow down eccentrically you can dramatically increase your concentric speed and strength, and do it in less time. By recording (setting/repetitions x time) you can effectively track your results and progress.

A full-body cardio circuit workout for off-training days that will allow a break from your repetitive sport training, providing strength benefits, promote a healthy musculoskeletal balance and reducing current imbalances, and one that won’t leave you sore so you end up missing training days. (Soreness is nearly eliminated due to the dual-concentric motion.)


Fitness enthusiasts, men, women, seniors anyone looking for a great cardio workout need to look no further. Vastly superior to both the repetitive and costly-to-maintain cardio equipment like treadmills and cross-trainers and using regular clunky weight training equipment in circuit fashion. Fit Express’ “variable-resistance” hydraulic circuit offers a much better solution for the user looking to get a fantastic, quick workout and for the owner looking to maximize their space and revenue potential.

Unlike cardio machines, FIT consists of more-complete, non-repetitive, full-body exercises doing natural human movements.

Unlike traditional circuits, there’s no weight stacks, adjusting seats or settings, or figuring out how to use—just get on and go!

By changing the settings (easily from sitting down position) and also from (pushing and/or pulling) either harder, faster, or different combinations you can create custom workouts where each repetition can feel completely different than the last allowing for a uniquely smooth and challenging workout. Change from “more-of-a-cardio-exercise” to “more-of-a-strength-exercise” as you go along! It’s not just resistance done fast without resting——it’s cardio on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL!!!

You can bounce from station to station however you like customizing your workout and avoiding the boring “same old routine”.

A cardio workout that can actually build strength in your entire body (and core) allowing you to save time in the gym and get results without using the hard-to-use, takes-too-long, weight machines or the intimidating free-weights section.

Muscle soreness is also nearly eliminated due to the dual-concentric motion so you can enjoy your week without pain!

WOMEN AND WOMEN’S GYMS – Fit Express has already populated 3 large womens gym franchises and thousands of womens gyms all over the world using Fit Express equipment. When compared to Curves® you get better equipment, for less money, and without any franchise restraints! Offering a fun way to shred fat and build strength, in less time. Perfect for circuit training, group classes or individual use.

Hydraulic equipment similar (but superior) to Curves® and WE have adjustable resistance settings!

Purchase direct from us, without franchise restraints, customize with your own branding and colors!

Fixed seating and adjustable resistance (reachable from the sitting down position) allow you to quickly move from station to station without having to worry about messing with seat settings or controls.

A cardio workout that can actually build strength in your entire body (and core) allowing you to save time in the gym and get results without using the hard-to-use weight machines or the intimidating free-weights.

Muscle soreness is also nearly eliminated due to the dual-concentric motion so you can enjoy your week without pain!


For a multitude of reasons this equipment is great being used for Seniors exercise equipment. It is extremely Safe, Easy to use, and the Easiest form of exercise on joints. Safer and more functional for seniors than SWIMMING! Seniors also love using the equipment in a circuit training fashion and find exercising being more enjoyable when they can socialize and exercise along with their friends.

Fixed joint, fixed range-of-motion, forward-only, non-weight bearing resistance is extremely safe.

Fixed seating and adjustable resistance (reachable from the sitting down position) allowing you to move from station to station without having to worry about messing with seat settings or other controls. It’s as simple as sitting down.

Strength benefits include increasing bone-density and joint stability—all without using difficult-to-understand weight machines or intimidating and hard-to-use-correctly-and-safely free-weights.

Cardiovascular and strength-training benefits for the entire body at same time. Even takes less time!

Muscle soreness is also nearly eliminated due to the dual-concentric motion. (unlike all OTHER forms of exercise!)


Our Hydraulic Exercise Equipment is a great addition to your therapy practice that will complement your non-linear, weight bearing therapy and rehabilitation sessions. Our equipment is effective at increasing prime mover concentric strength and joint stability while also being safe enough to do without direct staff supervision.

Fixed joint, fixed ROM, concentric-only, non-weight bearing resistance that is extremely safe for all ages and abilities.

Fixed ROM will allow them to build prime mover strength and facilitate faster recovery without allowing the patient to exceed their current ROM and put additional stress on injured areas, or without “undoing” your current progress with them.

Providing our equipment gives patients a safe way to increase the strength of the opposing muscle groups of the injured area in a synergistically-balanced and safe, linear way therefor increasing overall joint stability.

Gives patients a safer way to do full-body exercises (for the rest of their body that isn’t injured) while also reducing the likelihood that they will accidentally exascerbate their current condition.

Muscle soreness is also nearly eliminated due to the dual-concentric motion allowing you to continue with therapy sessions more often. An additional option could be to alternate full ROM therapy sessions with linear, concentric-only sessions when muscle strength permits but joint function does not.

Revenue opportunity

Patients may continue exercising in your facility even after their rehabilitation has been completed.


Our Hydraulic Exercise Equipment (and specifically our KID’S LINE) is perfect for kids to have a fun, interactive, social way to get both cardiovascular exercise and functional resistance training at the same time!

Smaller-size equipment to accommodate kids and pre-teens with adjustable seats and footplates.

Our hydraulic resistance is much safer than any other form of exercise or exercise equipment available! Extremely safer than the other resistance equipment on the market of course, but it’s also Safer than running, swimming, playing on jungle gyms, etc. because all of these activities have risk for injuries, ankle sprains, tripping, shoulder pain, etc.

The movement is extremely smooth (pushing oil through a cylinder) and you can’t push any further than your joints can comfortable go. Kids can just get on and go and work as easy or as hard as they want to.

Multiple kids can exercise all at once and to music and alternate stations like musical chairs. It makes for a really fun game that will help children be healthy and enjoy exercise as help facilities have an easy-to-supervise part of their weekly routine.

Perfect for schools, daycares

YMCAs, city recreation centers, children’s hospitals, and more!EVERYONE! Young or Old, Just Beginning or Advanced, Healthy or Injured —The Fit Express Hydraulic Exercise Equipment is being used by, giving great results to, and getting rave reviews by EVERYONE! Our trademark FIT™ Fluid Interval Training Circuit Training workout is a perfect, quick and efficient way to add cardio and resistance training AT THE SAME TIME! Regular exercisers and even athletes are getting great workouts because the equipment conforms to your capabilities. The stronger or quicker you are—the faster you push and pull the control arms—the harder the resistance is.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your capabilities are you’re guaranteed to get what you’re looking for because it just gives you exactly what you put in—everytime. A great cardio pump, a smooth feel-good fluid motion, and just a different, unique and fun way to exercise. So new exercisers are getting something fun and easy enough to do (while still challenging their body) and regular exercisers are getting something NEW and EXCITING to do! This is something every gym or fitness facility needs to have!

Special Populations

Because of our hydraulic equipment’s unique features special population groups have taken to it including seniors, physical therapy for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, even pre-teen children facilities. People who may have shyed away from resistance training before now enjoy the benefits of cardio and functional resistance training without the negative side effects of conventional exercise equipment.

Read more about these special applications below.Our hydraulic exercise equipment is perfect for seniors! Seniors Fitness equipment that is extremely Safe, Easy to use and easy on joints. Better than dumbells and hard to use machines! Better joint stability, increased muscle control, and bone-strengthening resistance.

Seniors love the fact that they don’t get sore using our equipment! This is because it’s based on forward-only movement. Visit FitForBoomers.comPhysical therapy, wellness centers, and other rehabilitation facilities can greatly benefit from our exercise equipment.

Perfect for improving range of motion, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular conditions. Safe and easy to use, easy on joints, requires minimal training and supervision. The absence of eccentric motion improves strength while within a limited ROM and nearly eliminates soreness speeding up recovery.

Our hydraulic exercise equipment is the best in the world! Womens gyms all over the world are using the Fit Express equipment with our signature FIT™ workout. Just Just compare our equipment to Curves® or any of the others! We’re offering a safe, easy, and fun way to shred fat and build muscle in less time.

And there’s no mechanical adjustments necessary making it perfect for fast-paced circuit training, group fitness, or for individual use.Our specially-designed kids exercise equipment line is helping kids by making exercise fun!

Complete line of smaller equipment designed specifically for preteens along with our FIT-4-Kids™ circuit workout for heart-healthy cardio and muscle-building strength benefits. Our hydraulic resistance doesn’t use weights so its safer for children and won’t damage their growth plates like other forms of weight training may.

Using Fit Express Fitness Equipment in Your Facility:Fluid Interval Training™ is a complete exercise program developed by Fit Express to use with our exercise equipment. Fit Express will provide all the tools you need to add your fitness equipment to your facility.

We can provide sample floorplans, sample FIT™ workouts, and simple exercise instructions for you to provide to your members. Personalized equipment and workout training as well as FIT™ marketing materials are also available.

Do you have a personal trainer on staff? We can even train them to become certified with the FIT™ execise program with nationally-accredited continuing-education credits. It doesn’t get an easier to add this extremely beneficial workout system to your facility!

Our training program and turn-key package are just optional supplements we’ve provided as a courtesy to you. You can buy our innovative and industry-leading hydraulic exercise equipment directly from us and USE IT HOWEVER YOU LIKE! That’s the beauty of our equipment—it REALLY IS EASY TO USE—Just Get On and Go!Contact us now to get started!

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