Designing Fitness Ergonomic Specifications Equipment

Hydraulic Fitness Equipment and Adjustable Workout Fluid Cylinders

Fit Express is an Original U.S. commercial exercise equipment manufacturer headquartered in North, MS. We specialize in Designing Fitness Ergonomic Specifications Equipment solutions for both general exercise facilities as well as special populations. We manufactured the premier line of Fluid (Hydraulic) fitness equipment and since 1998, well over 4,000 facilities and 30 countries have chosen Fit Express exercise equipment because of the unique value it brings to both the facility and its members.

Designing Fitness Ergonomic Specifications Equipment

Our hydraulic fitness equipment and adjustable fluid cylinders meet the strictest bio-mechanical and ergonomic specifications. Over the years we have developed over 9 different lines of exercise equipment, constantly seeking to improve our equipment, with each line building from new technologies the feedback from customers. We know that choosing exercise equipment for your facility is a big decision.

You can depend on Fit Express to always bring you the BEST in reliable and quality equipment.We understand the importance of delivering a quality product, on time, and at a fair price. Innovation, Quality, Price and Support – it’s the only way we know how to run a company. As the industry leader in hydraulic exercise equipment we stand behind our equipment with an industry-leading warranty, free support, and a variety of payment options giving you the opportunity to easily develop your company and brand while integrating our equipment.

Our vision for the future of fluid (hydraulic) fitness equipment is very promising as new markets emerge due to the validation of this training concept across many age bands and demographics. We at Fit Express® remain committed to our plan to motivate the reconditioned masses! We maintain a constant research and development program to that end, which ensures that we are able to offer our customers CUTTING EDGE FITNESS PRODUCTS at AFFORDABLE PRICES.

Each day more and more people are discovering the value of exercise and they need a way to do it that takes into account their real barriers. Women’s fitness centers and senior fitness centers are showing up everywhere and children’s fitness initiatives are growing by leaps and bounds.

When I started FIT EXPRESS in 1998, I had a vision that we could impact lives in a positive way with our exercise solutions. It never dawned on me all the ways savvy exercise providers would deliver it. Today we maintain a constant and rigorous development program to ensure that hydraulic resistance continues to grow and hopefully one day becomes a fitness standard.

I credit all of our prior success as well as our future success to a loving creator who wants his children to enjoy good health and comes up with creative ways to get us engaged.

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