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Professional-grade Fluid Fitness Equipment To Double Your Workout

Buy Wholesale Fitness Equipment commercial fitness equipment from the EXPERTS! Fit Express has been making quality fitness and health club equipment SINCE 1998. If you are looking to buy commercial fitness equipment for your existing or new health club business that will save your members time, allow variable resistance, minimize soreness and make working out more enjoyable, look no further. You’ve just found the cutting-edge in fitness for the 21st century!

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Fit Express manufactures the premier line of Fluid (Hydraulic) fitness equipment as an Original U.S exercise equipment manufacturer. Our Fluid Resistance Fitness Circuits have been installed in over 4,000 locations in 30 countries worldwide. Our hydraulic fitness equipment and adjustable fluid cylinders meet the strictest bio-mechanical and ergonomic specifications.
Fit Express manufactures professional-grade Fluid Fitness Equipment to fitness franchisers and has supported three large fitness franchise launches in the U.S. who have opened over 1500 sites. If you are now franchising or planning to launch a chain of centers we can work with you to create a custom branded FIT™ circuit.
The Fit Express Hydraulic Fitness Equipment is extremely well tailored for circuit training because it is user-friendly and age-friendly circuit training equipment that works for all fitness levels.

Conventional weight training equipment is intimidating, easy to do incorrectly, time consuming to setup, and injury-prone. In addition, most cardio machines are repetitive, time consuming, boring, and unappealing to most people.

HYDRAULIC EXERCISE EQUIPMENT: Simple, Functional, Safe, Easy To Use

DOUBLE YOUR WORKOUT: Our hydraulic cylinders provide a fluid resistance in BOTH directions of the movement working out 2 different opposing muscle groups every single repetition—essentially

DOUBLING: your workload in half the time!

CARDIO, STRENGTH & EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN: 6 different settings, for each direction, to choose if you get more of a cardio workout or more of a strength workout. Controls are easily changed anytime during the movement (and can be reached right from the sitting position) to customize your workout and be the perfect amount of resistance for you to get Fat-Shredding Cardio or Muscle-Building Strength!

SAVE THOUSANDS INSTANTLY: Avoid the drawbacks of most commercial weight machines/cardio equipment — Taking Up Lots of Space, High Cost Both Upfront and in Maintenance, Intimidating to non-exercisers, Additional New and Exciting Circuit Training Options.Truly user-friendly, age-friendly, and buyer-friendly!Click here to view our complete presentation of how the Fit Express Signature Series and our Fluid Interval Training workout can maximize your facility’s profitability!

My wife’s been a member here for 15 years or so and I resisted for 12 years and three years ago I joined… and she created a monster because I come regularly. And so it’s helped me a bunch.”(Question: What about fluid resistance machines?)

“I found the new equipment to be very smooth; cooling and relaxing in that I love water and to be exercising and doing some good in that respect really was comforting…makes it have a rhythm to it which I really find pleasant. So I’ll be using those three or four times a week.”(Question: Did you feel safe on the machines?)

“I found this new equipment to be very soothing and relaxing and safe. The sound of the water is refreshing and encourages you to enjoy your workout.”

I started using the FIT Express Program in October and I have just come leaps and bounds. I ary was able to accomplish a great goal this past February when I was able to climb Fort Hill at the Vicksburg Military Park. And it’s because of the strengthening in my arms and legs with the FIT Express Program and all the wonderful fluid machines they have. As much work as you can do at home and in the yard, until you come here and actually use the machines to exercise those specific muscles, you’ll never get to where you need to go. I strongly recommend it to anyone.

“I’m 81 years of age and during the last five years I’ve been exercising with the fluid machines and I find them to help me tremendously. I have been detected as having Parkinson’s Disease and I have indicated to the doctors and others that have an early-formed disease that the exercises that I am attending to three times a week cause me to have greater balance, cause me to have greater strength. At one time I was considered  to be one of the great fallers in our community because I would fall so often. Today, with my continuing attendance I find that all of that has been relieved and I attribute to the machines and the exercise that I’m involved in every week.

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